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Build Chicken Coops For Your Backyard - Things to Think About

If you find yourself thinking about putting in a small backyard chicken coop you are in good company. The number of people who are learning to build chicken coops for their backyards is growing exponentially as more people are finding that there is lot of pleasure in collecting your own eggs. While there are chicken coops that are loaded with all kinds of fancy extras you really do not need to go to too much trouble to be fancy, you just need to provide you chickens a clean safe coop to live in. This being said there are four points you need to keep in mind:

Sunlight is Vital to the Health of Your Hens

Chickens are an outdoor creature and while they need somewhere to live you need to provide them with plenty of light during the day. They must have shade as they do not have sweat glands to help them keep cool. When you set out to build chicken coops your design should include enough windows to provide your hens with plenty of light. No matter where you put your coop in your backyard try to position it so that the windows get southern exposure providing the most sunlight during the day.

Keep Your Chickens Warm

Many people think that if they build their chicken coops from brick or cement block it will look much better in their backyard and the neighbors will not complain. The problem with these materials is that they have a tendency to be very cold especially in the winter. Your hens need to be kept as warm as possible and the cold winter weather can cause them to stop laying or become sick. Wood makes a much better material to construct the coop from placed on a concrete pad, the wood is quite strong enough for security needs and can be painted to match in with the rest of your house.

Keep Them Dry

Building your chicken coop with wood is the best way to go, however if you do not seal it properly you are going to have problems. If you look at most coops you will find that they have sloping roofs, not only is this more aesthetically pleasing but it will let the rain run off keeping your hens much drier especially if you make sure that the walls are kept well sealed with paint or waterproof sealer. This way, not only will your hens stay drier but the wood will not rot.

Keep the Air Fresh

One of the most important parts when people build chicken coops for their backyard is to make sure that the coop has plenty of ventilation. Chickens need plenty of fresh air to help them stay cool in the summer heat. Overheating can be very bad for their health ass their body temperature runs higher than most other animals and they are very susceptible to heat stroke. Not only this, but chickens tend to make the most of their mess in the coop at night so that there is a constant flow of fresh air.
There is nothing wrong with building chicken coops in your backyard just as long as you make sure that you work hard to keep your hens healthy and your neighbors happy. This means building a coop that is not an eyesore and can be kept clean easily to keep the smell down, while it might not bother you, your neighbors might not be pleased with the odor.

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