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Themed Chicken Coop Ideas

As most people will tell you, a chicken coop is just four walls and a roof. But thank goodness there's no law saying that you can't let you crazy chicken coop ideas run wild on those four walls and roof, right? If you want to take on a fun project to start the year, designing or renovating your chicken coop around a particular theme is a great option. To get you started, here are a few themes you can get inspiration from:

Rustic Chick

If you can't afford to have that log cabin retreat by the lake, don't hesitate to give it to your chickens. To give their chicken coop a rustic home feel, incorporate a lot of design elements that define this style in the coop. For starters, you can turn twigs into door handles. Take ones that are slightly curved or raised in the middle, so that there's space for your fingers. You can also take larger branches and turn them into perches for your hens' roost. Just make sure that the size of the branches are adequate for your chickens' feet to grip firmly.

Modern Chick

If your chicken coop ideas include clean lines, angles, steel, and glass, then your coop will probably have a modern aesthetic. The key to this design is the use of sleek lines in the architecture. A chicken coop built with modular units is a good example of a coop with a modern design.
Since modular units come pre-made, you can add more modern elements with a little DIY. For example, you can keep the paint color subdued and classy by using monochromatic colors such as gray and shades of black and white. You can also add other construction materials associated with modern design like glass and steel by using them to make the sides of the nesting boxes.

Mod Chick

Is a groovy chicken coop more your style? Then think mod for your chicken coop ideas. A black and white tiled floor is a quintessential mod element that you can easily fit into your chicken coop. If you have a smaller coop and is also using the floor of your coop as the chicken's run, you can turn this element into a wall design instead. For the walls you can paint it with the iconic soup can paiting or any kind of print with geometric patterns.

If you have a bit of carpentry skills, you can cut a circular- or oblong-shaped window on the side of the coop. You can cover it with wire mesh so that you keep ventilation in the coop. Or you can take it to the next level and build nest boxes shaped like pods. The rounded corners are very mod, very 1950s futuristic.

New Age Chick

The Age of Aquarius was more than good music, hippies, and the zodiac. During this era too, there was an environmental movement that's on the rise. And that's something that's making a revival in our society right now, as more and more households and large corporations make an effort to become more environmentally friendly.

A few chicken coop ideas for a New Age look are using reclaimed wood instead of buying new ones, adding solar panels on the roof of your coop (this will serve as the source of heat and electricity for the coop), and add a plant box to the side of your coop (you can use the waste from your chicken as organic fertilizer).

Looking for simple chicken coop plans?

You can check out simple and easy-to-follow instructions on MakeYourOwnChickenCoop and start building your own backyard chicken coop now.
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