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Pictures of Chicken Coops

Having chickens at home can turn into an exciting world since you can attend the first egg laying or the birth of a chicken, but can also have hard times as it may be that your chicken getting sick. It is clear that if you are new to the world of chickens you can start with the project cost can even accumulate some failures but eventually arrive and successes more than compensate for all the efforts. If you need some pictures of chicken coops, then you have come to the right place.

Pictures of Chicken Coops

Having chicken can become a nice addition to our Garden Home practically because these birds eat all the waste that can generate our garden and chickens provide a lot of fertilizer in the form of high quality manure.

Having a chicken coop at home can be satisfying for many reasons but keep in mind that requires planning when building it and regular care throughout the year.

The Best Pictures of Chicken Coops

The need to have chickens at home can be relative, depending instead we want to if we chickens according to our needs, desires or just according to our possibilities is most reasonable. Chicken coops are not exclusive to large plots if you live in town and you have a deck but not too large can have a coop adapting it to the place.

Pictures of Chicken Coops

A tip for urban poultry is not placing a cock in the small coop to avoid disturbing the neighborhood. Imagine a rooster in a block with over 100 neighbors.

Logically hens enjoy much more if you also live in a chicken coop have a ground to walk freely they will spend their time engaged in pecking the ground and not peck each other due to stress produced by being locked together.

The Location of Chicken Coops

The orientation of which will be home to our birds is an important factor to consider. Hens need light and heat to feel comfortable so good guidance interior will regulate the climate. It must protect the chickens from strong winds, although excessive sunlight can also be harmful.

The recommended guidance for warm climates is from east to west and temperate or cold climates from north to south.

The house should be located in a dry and well ventilated place, must be located in the plain but with a slight slope to avoid water logging in the area.

Planning the Chicken Coops

When building the coop must take into account that requires care maintenance and cleaning so we must keep in mind that we must access it comfortably either can get inside if size allows us or incorporating wide doors to facilitate egg collection and cleaning.

In the chicken there are some supplements that can say they are essential, and which must be taken into account when allocating space inside the house such as:

The nests. Ideally construct nests with access from the outside or having sleight, i.e. a nest where the base where the hens lay eggs is slightly inclined so that the eggs roll to a protected compartment that hens they can break or chop them and we can easily pick up. If unable to do so and have to locate a way to tap into the site is put under the sticks they use chickens to sleep. Nests should be covered over to avoid the temptation of hens sleeping in them and also get dirty less.

Perches. Chickens like most birds sleep standing and often do in high places above a stick head-stock called perches or perches and we can build with tree branches pruned, using strips of wood or iron rods while the iron is less desirable than wood because it better conveys the heat and cold and can be annoying to birds.

The space needed by each animal in the host is roughly between 20 to 30 cm.

Automatic. Usually placed on the opposite side of the laying area and sleeping area. Ideal l put hung floor to prevent rodents muzzle mess inside. Like all the roost there complement a variety of models on the market, but there are also many examples of homemade feeders very low economic cost and easy to manufacture. In this blog you can see some examples here.

Drinkers. Usually located next to the feeders. If you have an automatic water dispenser that always maintains a level of water in the trough much better if we are not trying not sufficient water and renew periodically (daily is ideal).

When we have placed all the necessary accessories in a chicken if you still have enough space would be nice to put some kind of closet where you can store and keep on hand food for chickens (some kind of complementary feed that can be stored), the equipment for cleaning, etc.

When we have finished definitely distribute all add the chicken coop we can see the space that remains inside the chickens, what is the ideal space? Sorry no canons to determine, it depends on the number of hens want to put in and how tight you want to live.

Pictures of Chicken Coops

Gallery of Chicken Coops

If all this we decided to become a chicken and live a healthier lifestyle complemented by the production of home garden these are some of the beneficial we get for:

Fresh, healthy and high-quality eggs and we know what they have been fed.

Quality meat. If at any point we decide to take advantage of that offer us meat poultry, enjoy a healthy meat with less fat than industrial since our hens enjoy freedom of movement.

Fertilizer for our garden. Of waste produced by the birds get into excellent fertilizer that we can use both in the garden and in the garden.

Interaction with animals. Including a barnyard with chickens in your house is allowing performing a lot of activities related to nature, the whole family. Get them involved and enjoy the experience.

Control of various bugs. Com free hens do not stop pecking on the ground are responsible for removing all the bugs that are on their way to help prevent pesky insect pests.
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